Bradley Walters - Travel with Bradley

I am passionate about travel and would like to show you the world!

For over 3 decades I have thoughtfully created unique travel experiences. I’ve visited dozens of countries and have found fantastic sights to see, interesting people to meet, excellent places to stay and fresh, flavourful meals to eat.

I do things differently and I hope you agree that “different” is a good thing.

I take a creative approach and am constantly searching for hidden gems so you can get a glimpse into something you would never have found on your own.

How can I make your tour remarkable? I have a few ideas. My goal is to create extraordinary journeys for my guests at an unbeatable value. Most importantly I want to make travel an easy experience for you and I’ll save you time and money. With my experience and contacts I’m able to negotiate exceptional rates.

“Travel With Bradley” is a small travel company and I’m proud of that. My Grandfather instilled in me that it’s best to remain small. I’m therefore able to take a personal interest in ensuring that you get the most from your travel experience.

I have personally hand created every journey and have written the itineraries for this brochure. My travellers are interested in rich discoveries. You’ll find that many “Travel With Bradley” journeys offer authentic, cultural experiences. I think you’ll find my new Boutique, Small Group Departures very appealing.

Travel is about the stories you hear and the friendships you forge. It’s a BIG world out there and there is so much to see but only so much time.

I welcome you to join my wonderful guests and become part of our family.

I invite you to “Travel With Bradley”,

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